Get your Pupusas for your event in London


We do catering in London area! 
Order from Quinta, your pupusas makers, to cook freshly made gluten free and healthy products.


Minimum £10 per person
Minimum order £500.
Serves 50 to 150.


From our experience in Streetfood we have selected your favorite recipes to create a menu that fits your need. Wether you are vegan, vegetarian of a meat lover Quinta gets you covered with the best quality of products.

1 pupusa to choose from: 

- Blackbeans,

- Blackbeans & Cheese

- Pork, Blackbeans & Cheese

+ On side:

- 1 portion of spiced and seasoned protein: choose from chicken or jackfruit

- 1 portion of our famous grilled plantains

- 1 portion of homemade curtido (Central American kimchi-ish fermented cabbage)

- Seasoning of freshly made tomato sauce

- Selection of toppings (freshly roasted pumpkin seeds, coriander and sliced chili)



Service is made from the counter of the stall just like a streetfood vendor. We do provide cutlery and boxes: we do provide cornstarch compostable forks, recycled kraft boxes and napkins. We do not need any electricity as we bring our own bottles of gaz.

We do have a stand that we set up in your garden. It consists of an on-wheel griddle, a 3x3m gazebo and a floor mat.

Except from the used boxes, napkins and forks that would require trash bins on your side, we do clear up everything after ourselves, leaving the 3x3m space used in a pristine condition.



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