"- Pupusa? Never heard of it. What is it?" 

This was my question back in Guatemala 4 years ago. No shame, there are so many different plates all over the world. Hard to know them all, right? 

The first time I heard of pupusa was in Antigua, Guatemala, an incredible city surrounded by volcanoes where we established with my partner in 2016. "La Antigua" is a true Central American city. Rich of culture, authenticity, kindness and human warmth. All over this colonial city you may find small eateries offering local "Chapin", and pupusas are one of them. 

Closed to the church "La Merced" and its food market was a small shop opened only for lunch, the first pupuseria I went to. Two wood tables, two Salvadorian women with a deep smile on the face certainly welcoming you in what seems to be the living-room. A simple menu: Salavadorian Pupusas, a thick corn tortilla (naturally gluten free), stuffed with savoury fillings.

They had pupusas of cheese, blackbeans & cheese, cheese and jalapeños, cheese and loroco (edible flowers from Central America) and a couple other flavours.

Ok. Lets have 3. 

10 minutes later, one plate arrives on the table: 3 pupusas stuffed with the fillings we had chosen inside, a bowl of shredded cabbage (curtido) a bowl of what seems to be a tomato dressing.

Seeing that I had no clue what to start with, one of the women approached the table, put a bit of the cabbage mixture on one of the pupusa, poured a drop of the sauce, and invited me to go for a bite. 

First bite. Waouh! This is so good! The melting cheese, the spice from the jalapeños, the crunchiness of the cabbage and softness of the sauce.

I am convinced, pupusas are delicious!