Our story

Quinta is a London based company dedicated to the preparation of Pupusas, a speciality from Central America.

Our story starts in 2016 when Arthur, a French adventurer fell in love with a pupusas. His passion for cooking and nutrition brought him back to London to study nutrition and cooking, gaining experience in busy kitchens at the same time.
Missing Central America and its pupusas, he wished to get some in the English capital and soon realised this dish was completely unknown to the population. No-one was making it! Challenge accepted, Quinta, the first pupusas makers in the UK was born!

The idea: make tasty pupusas from nature, both fresh and healthy, and spread the word about this amazing product around London and the UK.

Try our products at 18 Bute Street, SW7 3EX LONDON
Check our Instagram for more dates: @quintapupusas


Arthur Ladriere - Chef and Owner of Quinta